Consequences Of Defaulting On Repayments On A Logbook Loan

Defaulting on repayments of any loan can have its consequences, however it is important that the customer understands what happens if they default on a logbook loan, due to the loan being secured against a vehicle.

With A Logbook loan, if you miss repayments you will be contacted by a representative, who will work with you to get you back on track with regular repayments, if for whatever reason you are struggling to make any repayments on a loan, then you should always contact your creditor, and not leave the problem to go away of its own accord.

The repayments on a logbook loan are agreed from the commencement of the finance being borrowed to you, and this is an essential part of any finance arrangement.

If you contact the creditor, they can do something about any potential issues, otherwise it might look to your creditors like you are attempting to ‘not pay’ the actual balance of the loan, it is not recommended that you avoid contact with your creditors and it is important that you maintain a line of communication if you have any issues with repayments or anything relating to the agreement or structure of the loan.

If it is not possible for you to get back on track then the company you are dealing with might give you some time to find your feet, or temporarily reduce your repayments for a period of time in order to help you to get back on track.

In the event that this is not possible, this might be seen as a complete default on the loan, and could result in the repossession of your vehicle, however this is only a last resort and usually reserved for extreme cases.

It is advised that you exercise caution when taking out any loans of any nature, due to the fact that if you cannot manage any repayments on them at any stage it can result in you being pursued formally for the balance that is due, and potentially this could carry additional charges and interest.

It is very important to first assess your personal circumstances before signing the agreement, because once signed it will need to be kept to in order for no additional charges to apply.

It could also be a good idea to read about logbook loans before you make your decision, as another type of loan might be far more suited to you, and your personal circumstances for the amount you wish to borrow.

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